The most entertaining way to learn

Entertaining Experiential Effective

"We use virtual reality to create a new way of learning, better than all existing communication and teaching tools. "

Learning now is fun

Living experiences is a dynamic change of learning in students and by their nature keeps them active, entertained and engaged. Studies show that the experiential learning model is 80% more effective than the traditional model.

We are all different

Although we are all different, we can all learn if we enjoy the content. The best way to learn is to experience, live and do.


A trip to the Solar System

Watch the trailer of one of our experiences, “A trip to the solar system”, this virtual reality project is aimed at anyone who wants to learn more about our solar system. Enjoy the interstellar expedition like a true astronaut.


At PIXDEA we focus on innovation and in the quality of our services, as a result we have won national, regional and global business competitions.

Your school is ready to enter Virtual Reality education

Are you a student, teacher or parent? Contact us and we will make a Demo Day at your school, let's make the education effective and entertaining.

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