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Value Proposition

For more information download the value proposal document


Obsolete and ineffective education system in Latinoamerica.

High cost for Latam school to access educational tecnologies and switching to a proven experential  education system.

Bored, unengaged and uninspired students as a result of traditional teaching.


Positioning of schools as technological leaders.

Virtual reality classrooms that are monetarily accessible to schools.

Interesting and entertaining experiences in virtual reality that stimulate accelerated learning.


Virtual Reality


We develop all the virtual reality educational content that students will use in the classroom, through a anual fee that starts at USD 50.

Schools have two options to access technology.

Virtual Reality classrooms Installed

Educational tours in Virtual Reality

Market size

Our target market is initially private schools and in the  near future we will extend to public schools

Amount of extra money to the monthly payments that parents invest in the education of their children.

+ 54 M USD

Costa Rica


+ 8.16 B USD


Start of the program offer on February 1, 2019 to November 31, 2019

+1000 Students

200 K Revenue

In signed contracts

In signed purchase intentions

460 K Proyected revenue

+2,300 Students


What students think about the VR program

Value Proposition

For more information download the value proposal document

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